„UNTIL 2011 Adriana Palugan, a mother of two, rented a home in Balneário Camboriú, a seaside town in southern Brazil. Now she is buying her own house, one of 166 in Colina do Cedro (Cedar Hill), a new development on a hill overlooking the town. She extols its wonders: bright and spacious with a pool, gym and multi-games court, 24-hour security—and altitude. Her old place was flooded in 2008, and she lost much of what she owned.

Without Minha Casa Minha Vida (MCMV; My House My Life), a federal programme started in 2009 to fund housing for Brazil’s poor and middle classes, Ms Palugan, who works for a car dealership, would have struggled to buy such a home. The price was keen: 100,000 reais ($51,000).“ (The Economist)

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